Joseph Matthews, cold-case homicide expert analyst, who during his 30-year illustrious career as Detective Sergeant of Homicide, investigated and pursued some of the most notable violent offenders in US history. He has conducted more than one thousand death investigations and was credited for solving the most notable case in US history- the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh. He is also credited for solving the infamous Baby Lollipop homicide, and the national publicized cold case kidnapping and murder of Andrea Parsons, among many others. He is co-author of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and US Today’s Best Selling book titled “Bringing Adam Home” – The abduction that changed America”.

He is a thirty-year veteran of the Miami Beach Police Department, where he was supervisor in Charge of Homicide, Sexual Battery and the Chief Polygraph Examiner for the City of Miami Beach Florida Police Department. He is former Miami-Dade County Police Officer of the Year and during his illustrious career he’s obtained confessions and convictions of numerous high profile cases, including but not limited to serial rapists and serial murderers.

He is recognized as an expert witness for civil litigation by U.S. Federal Court as it relates to investigative procedures, investigative interviewing and the criminal investigative standards of homicide investigations that are recognized nationally in the law enforcement profession. He was also appointed by Canadian Courts to conduct investigative interviews and polygraph examinations. He has been approved by Toronto and Windsor, Ontario Crown Attorney’s Office, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Legal Aide to assist court appointed forensic psychiatrist and psychologist in homicides suspect psychological evaluations to determine truth and deception. Over a 14-year period, over 25 capital offense confessions were obtained.

Joe Matthews has appeared on television is front of worldwide audiences, as an analyst and criminal investigator for Fox News Channel, appeared as a guest on CNN, NBC-48 Hours, Date-Line, Night-Line, The Sean Hannity Show, Geraldo Rivera , and much more. Most notably, he was Twelve years on-Screen Senior Criminal Investigator for Fox Broadcasting America’s Most Wanted”, where he was quickly credited with solving the program’s first cold case investigation, the killing of a former high school wrestling champ by four star football players at Lock Haven University, in Pennsylvania.

He is a keynote speaker for major law enforcement and judicial conferences throughout the United States and Canada. He is frequently sought out by law enforcement agencies to assist with numerous high-profile cold case homicides. His presentations are packed with critical information, his uncanny ability as a homicide investigator and relentless perseverance in solving one of the most infamous cases in US history makes this a must see program.


Anthony Delgreco has been in Law Enforcement for 20 years. He has been with the Inkster Police Department in the rough suburban city of Detroit since 1995. According to statistics in 2009 the city violent crime rate in Inkster was higher than the national average by 299.91% He worked Road Patrol in Community Policing for four years before being promoted to Detective in 1999. In 2002 he began solely investigating homicides and questioned deaths. In 2005 he started the Inkster Police Department Homicide Unit and has been Lead Detective in over 50 homicides, including serial killer cases taking 35 to court with 33 convictions/pleas. In 2003 he joined the IPD/IFD Cause & Origin Team investigating all questioned fires. Anthony has dedicated his Criminal Justice career to investigating & solving violent crimes.


Dr. Robert J. Cipriano Jr., has been working with the community professionally within the field of psychology for 21 years. His undergraduate training in psychology was completed at Florida State University and he successfully completed a doctoral program accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) in clinical psychology at Carlos Albizu University in Miami, Florida. He completed his doctoral internship at one of the largest state hospitals that housed the “criminally insane” within the Central United States.

Dr. Cipriano is currently a Florida Licensed Psychologist and for the past decade has been also working as a Police Psychologist for Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD). In that role he served as a consultant for the Special Response Team (SRT -Also known as SWAT) and provided expert training and developed strategies for effectively working with and understanding the “criminal mind.” He assisted the team in gaining insight and managing individuals who suffered from severe mental illness and who were in crisis. Additionally, he provided critical support to the crisis negotiation team when they were faced with crisis situations, hostages, career criminals, and barricaded subjects who posed a threat for police and the community at large.

His area of specialization includes utilizing his clinical skills operationally to target the spectrum of trauma and violence in the field. Such experience entails educating police, the military veteran, and the civilian population on the psychological effects from trauma as well as understanding and managing aspects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)-recognizing signs and symptoms of the disorder, how it manifests, and how to work and interact with those who may suffer from it.

Dr. Cipriano also offers expert training in understanding the psychological dynamics and warning signs of active shooters, school shooters, school place violence, and bully behavior. Dr. Cipriano has a strong interest in this area and has developed a clinical curriculum to target, intervene, and potentially prevent such acts along this specific spectrum of aggression. His knowledge, experience, and expertise will be passed on to parents, educational institutions, administrators, law enforcement agencies, and youth programs on a national, state, and local level.