In one of the many testimonials about Dr Lawrence J Simon, a long-time veteran investigator wrote that “Dr. Simon’s insights and cutting-edge research into the mind of the dangerous criminal is engaging and relevant to the unique demands of a modern criminal investigation. While the veteran investigator understands the law and the investigative process, Dr. Simon clearly and concretely explains the why behind the crime. By understanding the motivations of those who harm the most vulnerable among us, Dr. Simon enhances the investigative arsenal of even the most seasoned investigator”.

For over a decade, Dr. Simon has been called upon to deliver his innovative presentations in front of national and international audiences that include almost every branch of government within law enforcement, social services, medical and forensic professionals. Before traveling around the country on a full time basis as a highly respected law enforcement training provider, he spent over a decade employed in challenging forensic settings, interviewing, managing crisis, facilitating violent sex offender groups, treating and assessing some of the most violent and dangerous men in the country, including inmates housed on death row.

He has been sought after by forensic and law enforcement professionals to evaluate and analyze complex major crimes against persons cases, often intertwined with signs of baffling deviant behaviors. Some of these cases range from cold case sexual assaults and homicides to nuisance type offenses, and other bizarre criminality. Dr. Simon has been a vital member of major cold case task forces, assisting investigators on high profile serial homicides. He offers crucial assistance to task force investigators and others involved with the case. He’s been contacted by investigators and agents from federal and state law enforcement agencies and offers his specialized support on challenging circumstances and intricate behavioral symptomatology observed in cases that every so often represent unusual deviant themes and unsettling crime scenes. He’s been contacted for guidance on complex sex offender supervision issues that involve a history of harming humans and other living organisms. Dr. Simon is a current member of the Cold Case Foundation team and recognized as a “special member” of the VIDOCQ Society. 

Along with his unique professional experiences, he is the author of the-well-known book(s) “Murder by Numbers: Perspectives on Serial Sexual Violence” and “Mortal Desire: Origins of Sexual Violence” and is a proud father. He’s appeared on a major news network discussing his book, research endeavors and the perverse minds of serial murderers. Dr. Simon is an honorary Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology certified as a clinical sexologist (for informational purposes only) and earned his doctorate degree in clinical psychology with a concentration in forensic psychology. His research dissertation thesis was on the study of psychological factors between methods of homicide, where he explored the psychological disparities between murderers who use knives and/or manual strangulation compared with firearms to commit homicide. This in-depth investigative analysis consisted of structured interviews projective drawings and the legendary Rorschach Ink Blot Test. He also explored the early childhood histories and psychological motivations of serial sexual homicide, which included in-depth interviews with serial killers incarcerated in maximum security closed management prison settings and death row.