Mortal Desire: Origins of Sexual Violence

The content within Mortal Desire includes descriptions of atrocious crimes against humanity. By exploring why these crimes occur, we, as a society, can work together to help reduce the situations that can lead a person down the path toward violent crime. As uncomfortable as it may be, it is essential that we evaluate the motivation and desires of those committing these atrocities.

Just by turning on the news, we are faced with a world of heinous crime that is incomprehensible to the vast majority of us. Inside the mind of a serial killer, a drastically different thought pattern and method of rationalization are at work. Often times, these thought patterns are void of guilt or remorse. To understand how these horrible acts happen, understanding the mind of a killer is essential.

Murder By Numbers

What makes men and women commit the most heinous crimes that mankind has ever witnessed? What exactly is it that tips them over the edge? More importantly, what can be done to stop them? Drawing on his years of professional experience and extensive research, Lawrence J. Simon unearths uncensored data on fatal attacks on the unsuspecting citizens of the United States. This spine-chilling anecdotal account looks into the minds of the most vicious offenders presently behind bars. Murder By Numbers offers an informed psychological perspective on serial killers and mass murderers that will intrigue and horrify.