Dr. Simon is widely known as one of the foremost experts on sexual deviance and sexual related homicide. His seminars specifically designed for law enforcement and affiliates are packed with vital information that will intrigue and horrify.

Here’s What People Who Attended His Classes had to say:


As commander of the Fresno Police Department’s Family Justice Bureau, which includes the Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence Units, I recently attended Dr. Simon’s training held in Fresno, California. The course, Perspectives on Serial Sexual Violence, was attended by a wide variety of area law enforcement, probation, parole, district attorney, and victim advocate agencies. Dr. Simon’s course provided attendees with important tools to help place themselves in a position to understand offender motivation, enhance interviews, determine key signs to look for and allow for successful investigation and prosecution. The material presented covered a wide range of different types of perpetrators of sexual violence. About 100 attendees were in the class, no one left early and many stayed over after the class for further discussions with Dr. Simon. It’s a difficult but, unfortunately a necessary subject that investigators need to understand. Dr. Simon has an extensive background studying, interviewing and treating these predators and he doesn’t disappoint when he shares the insight that his extensive work has generated on the subject.

Lieutenant Tom Leband
Fresno Police Department

Dr. Simon,

I would like to take this opportunity to express a deep thanks for your appearance in Detroit, and your very professional interaction with the members of the Detroit Police Department. Your research and subject matter instruction captivated the classroom and commanded rave reviews. Several members expressed the necessity for your return, and begged for a multi-jurisdictional forum to expand your instruction to include local, state and county law enforcement. The common thread that was expressed in the classroom reviews pertained to your wealth of knowledge regarding the difficult, yet delicate subject matter that begs to all law enforcement members to expand their knowledge in the recognition and detection of various deviant behaviors that affect communities every where. Your class is truly insightful, and should be regarded as a necessary investigative tool for all members of the law enforcement community.

Mike Ingels, Sergeant
City of Detroit, Police – Training Center

Dr. Simon really knows how to captivate an audience with his ‘Sexual Deviance in the New Millennium’ presentation.  Never a dull moment, as he keeps the class interesting at every turn.  He offers valuable insight into the minds of sexual predators drawing from real world experience and research.  The seminar was educational and thought-provoking at the same time.  A must see for law enforcement

Sergeant Jeff Rousseau
Hartford Police Department
Training Academy

Dear Dr. Simon
On behalf of the New mexico Association of Chiefs of Police, the New Mexico Municipal League and the Conference Steerinf Committee, I would like to thank you for presenting a workshop on “Sexual Deviant Killers” on December 11th during our 19th annual “policing in the 21th Century” Law Enforcement Conference.

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“Dr. Simon, great presentation on Sexual Deviant Killers hosted by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. I now have a better understanding of the twisted mind set these killers possess. Your presentation really hit home on the importance of why we do what we do. Tracking and creating a profile database on sex offenders has become a great tool for many law enforcement agencies. Your insight into the minds of this particular group has strengthened my resolve.”

Detective Mike Wilson
Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Please accept thanks and kudos for both an excellent presentation, “Sexual Deviance in the New Millennium”, and even more for your kindness and willingness to provide invaluable support and guidance in a difficult and complex investigation which we were recently involved with. Best wishes,

Detective Mike Zigelman
Arroyo Grande Police Department

“I attended Dr. Simon’ s Seminar Sexual Deviance in the New Millennium In Omaha, Nebraska on May 8th, & 9th 2014. I was greatly pleased with the material presented and the way it was presented by Dr. Simon. He engaged the audience in conversation, kept us interested in the material and answered all of the questions asked of him in a complete and thorough manner. On more than one occasion Dr. Simon would explain a paraphilia and I would remember a case I had worked and think, That’s what was going on…… The training I received in the two days that Dr. Simon was with us will definitely opened my eyes to an aspect of investigation that I was not acquainted with and the training will assist me in future investigations and aid in keeping citizens of Omaha safe. Thank you Dr. Simon!”

Detective Thomas Queen
Omaha Police Department
Homicide Unit

“Of all the seminars/trainings I have attended, this  was BY FAR the most interesting and intriguing. The general consensus among my  peers who attended was that it should’ve been a week long because we wanted to  know MORE! Thank you, Dr. Simon, for bringing your knowledge to us and we hope  you’ll consider coming back!”

Officer Becky Schaefer
Omaha Police Department

Dr. Simon,
On behalf of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office and all who attended your seminar, we would like to thank you for the exceptional training you provided our agency. “Sexual Deviance in the New Millennium” contained very relevant, up-to-date information as it relates to today’s sexual criminal offenders. The subject matter discussed during the seminar provided keen insight into the behaviors and minds of our society’s most violent, sexual predators. Through the 2 days, you were able to captivate the audience with your unique and dynamic approach to instruction. Several of the over 100 hundred attendees commented on how much they enjoyed the seminar and how the information gleaned will benefit their future investigations. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office looks forwarded to inviting you back for future training opportunities. Thank you.

Sergeant Howard “Skip” Cole
St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office

I attended Dr. Simon’s “In the Mind of a Sexual Predator” training. The material is advanced, yet his presentation is clear, easy to understand and includes case studies, which makes the information applicable and entertaining. Dr. Simon also provides the student with a manual that includes excellent articles relevant to law enforcement investigations. The information I learned, has greatly assisted me in investigations and has resulted in increased suspect confessions. I highly recommend Dr. Simon’s trainings to law enforcement personnel assigned to investigate sex offense cases and I personally look forward to attending more of his classes.

Detective Annie Harrison
Ingham County Sheriff’s Office
Mason, MI

“Lawrence, I just wanted to thank you personally for providing your outstanding training services to our department. Each of the students that attended your Exploring Violence & The Criminal Mind class & your Inside The Mind of a Sexual Predator class had nothing but positive comments regarding the courses. The comments came from patrol officers as well as seasoned detectives from various bureaus within our agency. One common comment from most of our evaluations was to bring this instructor back for more classes because he is outstanding. Thank you again for your quality training services you provide for us.”

Detective Sean Faris, Training Coordinator
Denver Police Department – Training Bureau

Thank you again for the great training course on “Inside the Mind of a Sexual Predator.” You are a great instructor. You make the class so interesting with your high energy, humor, professionalism, stories, experience, and passion (for the topic and teaching). You are truly contributing to the world by teaching law enforcement officers things that not many people in society know about (sexual deviants and how they think and operate). The information you teach is important for the work that we do on a daily basis. I will look at a crime scene differently because of your training. Thank you for expanding our minds to see things we may not have seen or thought about if we did not get the training you gave us. You said it all in the end with the slides of the many victims….It is about helping and caring about other human beings. Also, being a part of catching or stopping people from harming others and making a difference in the world…like what you are doing. Thank you.”

Sergeant Angela Escobar-Criminal Investigative Division
Kensigton Police Department

Dr. Simon’s insights and cutting edge research into the mind of the dangerous criminal is engaging and relevant to the unique demands of a modern criminal investigation. While the veteran investigator understands the law and the investigative process, Dr. Simon clearly and concretely explains the why behind the crime. By understanding the motivations of those who harm the most vulnerable among us, Dr. Simon enhances the investigative arsenal of even the most seasoned investigator. The day after attending Dr. Simon’s class, I received a disclosure of child sexual abuse. As I finished interviewing the victim’s mother, she asked me how I knew the perpetrator? When I told her the suspect lived over 100 miles from me and I had never met him she seemed surprised and a little shocked. I has simply applied what I had learned in Dr. Simon’s class.

John Garner
Master Sergeant
Illinois State Police
Child/Sex Crimes Unit

I have been in Law Enforcement for 38 years…..I was an instructor at the West Virginia State Police Academy for 13 years. I have never sat in on a class more thought provoking, verbally and visually well prepared presentation. Dr. Simon is obviously an expert on the Sexual Predator. Shocking, revealing, controversial is how I would best describe this seminar. I would recommend this seminar to anyone interested in the “mind-set” of criminal investigation

Danny Miller-West Virginia State Police (Retired)
Charleston, West Virginia

“As a Detective for 14 years specializing in sex crimes I found Dr. Simon’s ‘Sexual Deviance in the New Millennium’ class to be one of the best classes of this subject matter I have ever attended. In addition to the classroom instruction, Dr. Simon took personal time to review and assist me with a cold case homicide I have been working for 9 years. Dr. Simon showed more interest and provided more relevant insight than any other instructor that I have requested assistance from.”

Detective Matthew Bade- Homicide
Burton, Michigan PD

“I attended Dr. Simon’s class, Sexual Deviance In The New Millennium in Orange County, California on 07/09/08. It was one of the most interesting and valuable classes I have attended during my 16-year law enforcement career. Dr. Simon offered significant insight into the minds of sexual predators and the motivation behind their crimes. He presented the material in an understandable manner and tailored the presentation to his audience. I look forward to attending more of his classes in the future”

Gregory Flood
San Diego Police Department- Sex Crimes Unit
San Diego, California

“Dr Simon’s class “Inside the Mind of a Sexual Predator” helped me step out of the box in my investigations. His class helped provoke more questions and information from these investigations that allowed me to conduct a more through investigation. There was an over abundance of information provided for a short 2 day course and any seasoned detective would benefit from this with prior knowledge and understanding of the terminology used in the class.. This class has helped me understand the suspects I am dealing with and have a respect that these behaviors are more informative rather and predictive. I highly recommend this class to any seasoned detective who has worked sex crimes and/or homicide”

Jeremy O. Spann
Fort Worth Police Department-Violent Personal Crimes Section S.C.R.A.M. Unit
Fort Worth, Texas

I attended Dr.Simon’s two day seminar titled ” Sexual Deviance in the New Millennium ” the seminar was very interesting and Dr.Simon was well prepared in explaining the material. The research that was explained provided insight into the behaviors and minds of society’s most notorious monster’s. I highly recommend attending this seminar that I found not only interesting but very helpful. I hope Dr.Simon continues to educate law enforcement on this important subject.

Det.Michael Giordano
Aventura Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division

I recently attended your seminar on November 27th and 28th in Spokane, WA. I currently work at the prison in Airway Heights with Sex Offenders. After attending your seminar I was disappointed that my colleagues did not attend. I found the seminar to be very interesting, thought provoking and useful in my work. The seminar made me more aware of safety and security within my work environment.

Thank you,

Shelly Minnick, MSW
Sex Offender Treatment Supervisor
Department of Corrections
Airway Heights Correction Center

Dr. Simon,

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for having the opportunity to meet you attend your “Inside the Mind of Sexual Predator” seminar in Spokane Valley Washington. Of the 500 training hours I’ve received throughout my law enforcement career; yours was arguably the most informative, interesting and memorable training I’ve attended. Your presentation and the knowledge you posses on the subject of deviant sexual predators is unparalleled. The training was both informative and entertaining and your ability to explain the complexity of these predators and their behaviors was superb. Thank you for offering your insight, knowledge and experience in this subject matter. It’s certainly improved my ability to investigate these types of crimes and the people who commit them!

Detective Dan Mayland
Gallatin County, Montana